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Will reforms aimed at improving elections actually shut out voters?


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NOW' - A BRIEF HISTORY           Nigel j Watson         09-02-06


This episode of NOW, Bill Moyers’ latest expository bequest to the American people, deals with the plain-vanilla, analog thuggery of Neo-Jim Crow laws across the land; prosecuted, this go-round, by righteous Neocon Fascisti. Next week’s deals with the existential (for our form of representational government) issue of electronic voting and those self-same Neocon zealots’ realization that the bit is far mightier than highway robbery, let alone the ballot box.


NOW, first broadcast in 2003, was in response to an earlier request, by the PBS, for a primetime news program that would deal in a few subjects, in depth, not normally covered by the major networks. It was designed to be hard-edged and expository, and did not shy away from pissing off the wrong people.


Enter Kenneth Tomlinson, a fourth fifth sixth-rate party hack, elevated to Chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). Tomlinson, a toad-like, smudge of a man, set out (as per his instructions) to strip PBS of any and all trace of overtly progressive thought. Only one problem: the CPB was merely an oversight body created to act as buffer between PBS and whichever partisan politicians were running the country at the moment. But, it turns out, no problem! As has become abundantly clear, across the board, during this law-dismissing, law-breaking, and lawless administration, this detail was merely a minor obstacle to be gotten around.


Ole’ Ken’s first sly move (none of these people are overly endowed with smarts – Ken being one of the dimmer bulbs in the pack) was to surreptitiously hire a private dick to “spy” on NOW. By “spy”, I really mean, “watch”; as in, the show. On TV. Now, you and I would just grab a beer, find a couch, and watch. Ken’s gumshoe did the same thing. Quelle difference? Ken’s man on the couch was paid some $70,000 over a nine-month period to do it! And who paid this “investigator?” Why, the CPB, natch. Fittingly, the man was paid out of petty cash; as in theft.


Ken’s “research,” you’ll be surprised to learn (like I said, not too bloody bright), exposed NOW for the hotbed of filthy, toe-sucking liberalism it was (dozens of conservative guests to the contrary)! “Mr. T” then moved into high gear (not a pretty image): First; in order bring the obviously wayward PBS privateer back to starboard, and achieve a modicum of F&B coverage (do I really have to tell you what those initials stand for?), he saddled the nation with the achingly dull and moronic “Journal Editorial Report.” Hosted by the scintillating Paul Gigot (WSJ’s Managing Editor), backed up by a band of equally boring and boorish panelist pundits, this nag staggered on for 15 l-o-n-g months before even its conservatives backers shot it in the head, and removed it to the FOX News paddock, where it belonged in the first place (excuse me, last place, which is where it resides to this day).


Kenny Boy’s next move really hurt. Employing underhanded and intimidatory tactics (WOW! The dude is bereft of ethics! Who knew?), the “buffer” convinced PBS executives that it was in their own best interests to cut NOW in half. Fortunately for us all, Ole Ken did not have to wait for heaven to get his reward. Shortly after his handiwork above, the law caught up with his outrageous behaviour and he was summarily bounced from the CPB Chairmanship.


NOW’s new, svelte profile is a mere 25 minutes; not a half-hour as originally agreed. The missing 5 is due to another directive from the “buffer” (Monsieur Tomlinson) as to the time periods during which PBS promo ads would be run.


In answer to all this, Moyers took his show on the road (the speaking circuit), now able, as an ex-PBS employee, to speak freely about all the dirty dealing and skullduggery engaged in by the administration and its catspaws. David Brancaccio (Bill’s contributing Editor and co-host) took over the helm of NOW. The editing tightened up its already breakneck pace and the website was redesigned to cover the gap in airtime. This is why you need to bookmark this site.


The voting issue is a perfect illustration of how NOW’s website acts to expand its message by other means. Watch the video for free (available at any time after the show airs on PBS), or pay $20 for the DVD. Click on any link for in-depth access to any of the issues NOW has covered. There’s not much on the crucial voting issues of our times that you can’t get to from here.


They have done a truly amazing job of giving the public a superlative tool to find out the facts (we’ll leave the “truth” for another day) on an issue. For a measly TV show, NOW has created an extraordinary resource for anyone interested in getting at the news mostly abandoned by our new, bottom-line-driven media.


Return to NOW’s website, over and over again, but only when you want all the facts.






"Thus inwardly armed with confidence in God and the unshakable stupidity of the voting 

citizenry, the politicians can begin the fight for the 'remaking' of the Reich as they call it."

                                                                       Adolph Hitler 'Mein Kampf' Vol. 2 Chapter 1


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