Sent: July 13, 2006

In order to serve the narrative, Amy Goodman (host of Democracy Now) is often required to “goose” many of her guests with trenchant and provocative questions. This is hard to do – not to mention, pointless – with a guest like David Sheer; Amy asks one question, and then gets to listen until the break.

When confronted with a machine-gun speech rate, you can be sure it stems from one of three sources:

1 The talker’s mental organization is a shambles and s/he is verbally throwing up on you;

2 The talker’s passion overwhelms them and s/he dittos #1;

3 Your colloquist is hiding something and hopes to distract you by sheer (no pun) verbal volume;

4 Your fellow conversationalist has her/his shit very together.

Mr. Sheer is definitely a #4. His instant recall of dates, names, places, situations, etc., marks him for the top-flite journalist he is. If you vaguely recognize his name, think L.A. Times – 30 years worth.

This interview has much to say; over and above the narrative of the interview. Sheer puts the lie to the alleged “Liberal” media. In fact, he has as much trouble with Democrats as he does Republicans. His keen observations as to just who has started most of this nations conflicts (wars, police actions – a rose by any other name…) since WWII, belie his Liberal sympathies. Far from being a zealot or a partisan, Sheer follows the facts, just as most worthy journalists do. You will also be interested to know who fired him and why after 30 years and many Pulitzers; Liberal media, my ass.

For my friends on the Right: Assuming you agree that this man is no reflexive Bush-Basher, but simply has a problem with feckless and dangerous government (and a professional obligation to expose same) – as should you, you might want to hear what he has to say about the “nowhere man” now misleading this country. Mr. Sheer’s open-minded comparison of “Dubya” to others who have occupied the Oval Office in the post-war period is both eye-opening and devastating (though I think it pretty well nails Dubya’s “legacy,” to the dismay of #41).

DN interview 07-10-06 http://www.democracynow.org/article.pl?sid=06/07/10/1356245 33 minutes

David Sheer’s blog – TruthDig http://www.truthdig.com/


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