VALUES-ALTRUISM Warren Buffett w/ Charlie Rose 07-10 thru 12-06

Sent: July 15, 2006

You could clean out the Self-Help, Self-Improvement, Psychology, and Financial sections of your local Barnes & Noble or Borders, go lock yourself in a room for a year to read them, and still learn less about life than you would spending a mere 2&3/4 hours with the incisive elucidatory skills of Charlie Rose as applied to the quick, active, fun-loving, slightly corny Midwest sense of humor, and ethically-centered mind of Warren Buffett.

I leave it to you to imagine a world in which every political and business leader had a value system like that of Warren Buffett’s.

I could stop sending out all these dark posts, for one thing.

Part 1 07-10 http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6701318343299922276&q=tvshow%3ACharlie_Rose HIS PAST & PERSONALITY

  • drag to about the 28-minute mark of this first hour for a sample of why you will look back on this time with Mr. Buffett as golden

Part 2 07-11 http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6208910876057109785&q=tvshow%3ACharlie_Rose THE BIZ & THE BUCKS

  • a capitalist you can absolutely love! The epitome of the gulf between the greed of a Halliburton vs. Buffett’s enlightened self-interest
  • compare Buffet’s rock-ribbed “right thing” mentality with the pathetic display of super-sophistry by Enron’s plundering pair: Skilling & Lay
  • You can refer back to this video the next time you read of some greedhead, or other, screwing thousands out of their promised health care or retirement packages, solely because it is now no longer “convenient for them to honor their solemn word; Buffett would jump out a window first.

Part 3 07-12 http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4846290947664386236&q=tvshow%3ACharlie_Rose THE GIFT (w/ Bill & Melinda Gates)

  • Philanthropy 101 – world health & poverty – enjoyment of life - happiness – integrity – friendships – America’s economic future – vision – humility – dynastic wealth – capitalism’s distributive shortcomings – what the $$$ can do – a paradigmatic model for others

Thank you, Charlie


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