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I strongly recommend to all Freethinkers that they resist and decry any and all attempts such as the one below. Bush 43 is not the problem; impeachment will, in fact, work against Progressive interests. That Democrats have sort of “missed” this most salient fact is a large part of the problem.

Impeachment “fixes” George W. Bush about as much as a tourniquet would “fix” a bullet to the heart.

Bush 41’s most recent and pathetic personal intervention to salvage what he could of his progeny’s “legacy” (his term, to a confidante) reveals that even this detached, remote, and myopic specimen of the species has awakened to just how harshly history will judge the miscreant era of misrule bearing forever the Bush family crest.

If you think the books on Bush are tough on him now, just wait until the gags come off all those no longer under the thumb of Dick, Condi, and all the other “keepers” currently maintaining order in the Bush admin mammalia.

George W. Bush’s main problem is being required to live out the rest of his self-deluding idiotic little life as George W. Bush.

Our problem is taking this fool seriously enough to deem him worthy of the “high crimes and misdemeanors” of impeachment.

“If a fool falls in the forest, is he ridiculed, satirized, mocked, insulted, denigrated, lampooned, despised, and derided if he can’t even imagine the underlying intellectual constructs inherent in those terms and, as a result, can’t begin to imagine why anyone could even think that way about him?”

We should instead be focusing our energies on correcting the massive systemic fault lines in our society. We need to be about repairing our fractious and shattered public discourse process no less than our crumbling Interstates and mass transit; mending our planetary outreach no less than reigning in the disciples of greed now setting the land ablaze from environmentally ravaged sea to not-so shining sea; and, most important, re-learning how to leave our children’s children a habitable and hospitable planet.

Replying to the asinine, counterproductive, self-defeating and demonizing dysfunctionality perpetrated by this administration on all who would oppose its imperial aims (both here and abroad) with an equally asinine, counterproductive, self-defeating and demonizing dysfunctionality of its (The Left) own; directed at the straw man of its own version of the “Axis of Evil” (Shrub, Dick, & Condi); is no more than the Left’s way of denying the real issue here: namely, that no one – well, all too few - is talking about the real issues here.

The real problems we face are, in descending order of importance:

1 denial (of history, of the facts; of the real source of America’s power; hell, what have you got?);

2 the dehumanization of “the enemy” (folks like Al Qaeda and the Quakers) and our insistence on infantilizing the rest of the world;

3 the replacement of reality with demonization, secrecy, and misdirection; and finally,

4 the supine acquiescence (and hence, implied consent) of (enough of) the American people.

Who will speak to the real issues posing an existential threat to this great experiment? Below the faux “piss off the base” impeachment call-to-arms (below) are a few items about real patriots dealing with real issues. Democrats.com needs to get its priorities straight. Ron Paul’s ringing alarums on civil liberties and oppressive government comes to us from the far, far Right; Rep. Paul is a super-Libertarian. Cindy Sheehan is often confused with the “Loony Left,” but a recent piece about her reveals her roots in moderate Republicanism.

These folks are Democrats.com’s show, not its warm-up acts.

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Put Impeachment on the Ballot in Your Town

While a lot of towns and cities have passed or tried to pass pro-impeachment resolutions, only one so far has put the question of impeachment on the ballot for voters to address in November - Berkeley CA. It may not be too late to ask your town or city to place impeachment on the ballot. Some local governments may be more willing to do that than they are to pass a resolution themselves. Some media outlets may also find it more interesting. And it's good for our democracy: it's bound to boost turnout at the polls. Here's information on how you can do it:


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