VOTE THEFT in MEXICO Palast on the crenellated ramparts

Sent: July 13, 2006

In less than half an hour, find out why your government in Washington is interfering in the free and fair election process of yet another sovereign nation.

The bad news is they may have succeeded. The good news is that EVERYONE is on to them: Oberon (the alleged loser); more than half of the Mexican people; the American Indy news media (to many of us, the media); Greg Palast and even a few members of what’s left of the loyal opposition of the MSM Fourth Estate.

For my Conservative friends; as you watch this clip, you need to know that the tactics on display are no more or less than those used to impose on the American people – twice - a man who did not win the election: either via the popular vote (as he allegedly did in 2004), or via the electoral vote (as he allegedly did in 2000). On the assumption that you dismiss this as so much “Sore Loserman,” or sour grapes, you might want to ask yourselves: on the off-chance that any of Nigel’s ravings are true, do I really want unfair advantage for my side? Is winning the goal, or that of an honestly decided outcome? Do I care how my side prevails and prosecutes its agenda, or does the end justify any means necessary?

Then there’s always the most uncomfortable question of all: “If the situation – and realities of power - were reversed, how would I feel about my rights being hijacked by the Loony Left?” It might surprise you to know - were the evidence as irrefutable as that of the past 5 years - how many Progressives would stand by your side to right such a wrong.

In the end, it makes no difference who is right; all the difference as to what is right.

http://www.democracynow.org/article.pl?sid=06/07/12/146201 about 25 minutes

(catch Calderon’s flunky’s (uh, cabinet minister) serpentine interpretation of events – you can almost see the desperation in the man’s face – he is scared stiff at the thought of his boss (and himself) having to relinquish power – he behaves like a cornered animal - note too, his rate of speech and rounded shoulders – the signals this fellow is sending are fascinating to this student of body language)


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