GLOBALISM 'Applebee's America' - Sosnik-Dowd-Fournier + njw comments 10-15-06

A hopeful read...         (and another reason there’s more than one of us)                 NjW 10-15-06


These fellas may be on to something… In the hysteria of an overweening federal government, fixated on completing its bloody-minded mission to divide us and conquer, we tend to forget the immutability of the human spirit; the relatively brief span of history is against these creeps. The authors of this book gently remind us, again, as to where the true power lies in any society; at any point in time: the people. All that needs to happen is that “the people” get fed up enough with the current faux-discussion to want to change it. Left to our own devices we will seek out our commonalities, not our differences.


Our alleged leaders have – for the past quarter-century – essentially ignored and “played” us all. The Dems have played blacks and gays; the Republicans the Religious Right and economic conservatives. The one thing they have failed to do, Dem and Rep alike, is the will of the people. Can anyone reading these words disagree? Has any administration really done your will since you’ve been alive? Did any of you knowingly vote for a government that would run up our total of nuclear warheads to over 16,000 (we’re currently down to about 8,000) by the early ‘80s? I trust none of you felt too good when you realized you had voted for the pandemic corruption and consequent cover-ups of the past 4 administrations and congresses. But, at least, until the early ‘90s, we were on a general upwards path that bespoke the good of the country. Since the onset of Krugman’s “unraveling,” (from Reagan on) we have all watched in dismay as, one after another, the building blocks so painstakingly won – and that made this nation a more civilized place – were deconstructed and willfully ignored via such specious and self-serving logic that would have humbled even Socrates himself.


Had they actually been representing our interests and concerns, by now we would have: universal, single-payer, health care (some 70% want this); a half-dozen fewer wars (80%+ want this, after the fact); a healthier environment (90%); meaningful government oversight of business; schools that work (100%); an affordable higher education system (100%); enlightened globalization policies that extended our progressive labor policies outward even as we retrained those displaced by such ineluctable realities (too few understand this issue well enough – if they did, they’d go looking for a rope, or ten), and an open and verifiable election process that actually encouraged participation and imposed harsh penalties for those caught trying to jimmy the system (most acts of malfeasance in this area are misdemeanors).


Had they actually been representing our interests and concerns, by now would not have: a military-industrial complex running the place (indeed, our economy would be on the rocks without it); a government for sale to the highest bidder – in a sane world, campaigns would be fully funded by the people, and the first exception to the First Amendment would ensure that even those of us with modest means could still have our voices heard (it’s that or repeal the canard of corporate “personhood”); an insane war on drugs that is creating a prison nation comprised mainly of (very, very angry) black and Hispanic males, even while sending the price of a nickel bag spiraling down to a tenth of its ‘80s price and 20 times its potency; an equally insane war on terror playing into the hands of precisely those without sufficient power to destroy us on their own; and politicians pandering to our worst racist and nativist instincts.


The above just hits a few high spots of how ill-serving and out-of-touch our government has become. Some of this is systemic; some migrational (Tricky Dick led us into the brambled thicket of this gang’s “unitary executive”) and opportunistic. All of it must stop, and it will. Sooner or later, all outrages against the people become too great; injuries inflicted can no longer be ignored. What these guys are saying is they think we are nearing Malcolm Gladwell’s tipping point on the issue of governance in America. I would add that the world is watching and waiting for us to stop being part of the problem.


It can’t happen soon enough for me.


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“I think it would be a good idea.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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